When it comes to sound design, the true value is in the believability of the final result. Whether the concept calls for a true-to-life representation of everyday foley, or if things dive into the surreal and psychological, we work to achieve the most immersive listening experience possible. 

The Nightmare from Beyond

The Domaginarium is a team of game developers based in El Salvador. With a strong emphasis on storytelling, they have chosen Converge Audio for their upcoming sci-fi horror The Nightmare From Beyond.

Dive Starpath

As you soar past debris in DIVE Starpath, part of the gameplay is to collect rocket fuel in the form of these green glowing canisters. We accomplished these sounds by combining various layers utilizing synthesized sound tools as well as foley. Gravity Well had commissioned us to improve their existing pickup sounds. In this audio clip, You will hear a back to back comparisons of the original next to our reworked version of each sound.

Distant Suns


Distant Suns pits our intrepid player against the uncaring forces of deep space. Arcade controls and permadeath create a stark challenge that rewards short, task-oriented sessions.

Child of The Wind VR

Gameplay for the VR game Child of the Wind. Music and Sound Design by Converge Audio.

Old Saint Nick

Directed by Nick Crowhurst. Executive Producer Jodie Kirkbride. Foley Audio by Converge Audio.