When delivering the most engaging experience for your audience, authenticity is crucial. From hauling our gear to remote locations or tracking a performance in the studio, Converge Audio will carefully engineer your sound to bring out the very best in your project. 

1000HP Subaru WREJBB - Brad Day Productions

Working with Brad Day Productions, we were responsible for recording audio for this advertisement for S&J Motorsport, featuring the Willall made WREJBB engine block in a 1000hp Subaru WRX STI. Despite the windy day, we successfully captured all the squeals of the tire burnouts and the thunderous roar of the engine as the production team pushed this monster of a vehicle to its peak performance. 

SJ1000 Unleashed - Brad Day Productions

A promotional video for the SJ1000 Subaru WRX, we worked with Brad Day Productions to record audio for this project. This was a challenging set to record on as the car was incredibly loud, moved around a lot and there was a helicopter on set. Some crafty microphone placement inside the car was crucial to getting clean recordings.

Old St Nick

Converge Audio recorded all on-set audio and foley for Old St Nick, a short film developed for the 48 Hour Film Project. The film won Best Use of Dialogue and Runner Up Audience Award for the Adelaide competition.  

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